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Simon Rohrbach Co-Founder & CEO Plain.com

Bio: Simon Rohrbach, Co-Founder & CEO


Matt Vagni Co-Founder & CTO Plain.com

Bio: Mathias Vagni, Co-Founder & CTO


Plain was founded in 2020 by CEO Simon Rohrbach, an early employee and former director of design at Deliveroo, and CTO Matt Vagni, a developer and designer with experience at Lyst and Deliveroo who went on to help grow online pharmacy company Echo into one of the largest chemists in the UK.

While working at both Deliveroo and Echo, Rohrbach and Vagni experienced the very real problem of trying to improve tooling for their colleagues in customer service. Working in those environments, they recognised that over the last decade businesses had become more complex in how they work, more engineering-centric in how they think, and more demanding in the level of quality and speed they expect from software.

However, customer service tools available have not kept up with that shift. More often than not, they’re complex, bloated, and hard to build with - leaving the teams somewhat isolated and disconnected.

Having experienced this problem themselves multiple times - Simon and Matt set out to build Plain, an API-first customer service platform for companies big and small. Plain is the customer service platform for companies that build.

With this in mind, Plain is now on a mission to bring together engineering and customer service. They believe that great customer service is powered by great tooling, and that today, building great tools for customer service is too hard, too time intensive, and too complex. Plain exists to remove those barriers - put simply, Plain is CS without the BS.

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